Summer sales fever at Colway International

Summer sales fever at Colway International

Summer is underway, the temperatures outside are red hot, and here at Colway International a real rush of summer sales is about to start!!!

Luckily you don’t need to go anywhere to take advantage of them  because in our shop, sensational sale offers are waiting for you wherever you are - in the mountains, on a paradise beach, in the comfort of a hammock or in the garden. Anywhere you are, grab your computer or phone and put your favourite products in the cart at prices so low you couldn't possibly miss this opportunity!


The three weeks of summer sales at Colway International include up to 9 great products at super low prices: 25% and 35% off!


35/23 OR - 337/23 OR

(29/08/2023 – 18/09/2023)


Offers available for ranks: Registered customer


Micellar water 35% off

Nourishing hand cream 35% off

Exfoliating mask 35% off

Hand soap with collagen 35% off


Moisturizing body lotion 25% off

Body scrub 25% off

Double C glow skin drops 25% off

Good night skin drops face serum 25% off

Refreshing body wash gel 25% off


You can find our current products on sale in the SPECIAL OFFERS tab.


Happy shopping!

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